What this blog is all about

This blog is where I talk about everything under the sun - from politics to movies to cricket to gadgets to ... well, practically anything that interests my hyperactive mind. In essence, it's where I let my thoughts loose ... unfettered and unexpurgated.

Rather than sticking to a particular theme like in all my other blogs, this one is a plain motley of whatever I feel like writing about - from the eloquent to the gibberish.

All views expressed here are my own and you may or may not subscribe to it. Just to reiterate, they are my own and not those of my employer - former, present or potential ones. In other words, if you see anything stupid, dumb, or crazy, rest assured that the stupidity, dumbness or craziness is mine alone. No one else has got any right to it. :)

Although I don't offend people by nature; at times, I may not be politically correct. If you don't like something, try it with a pinch of salt. :)

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