The Big Bang !

Well, that's how I wanted this wonderful blog to start. But then, if wishes were dollar bills, then I would have been a billionaire. So, all I have to end up doing is to write, write and well, just write.

So, here I am writing all about me. This is not just about my mountaineering exploits or my solo flights over the Atlantic. Neither is it only about my Booker-prize winning novel at age 19. Well, this is also about how I single-handedly devised the world's most advanced magnetic rail system for Germany. And also, about the day I rescued over 200 people off the coast of Myanmar from a sinking ship.

Then, there was the time when I swam across the English Channel in under 14 hours cutting the existing world-record by a neat two hours. Oh boy, I was dead tired after that marathon swim.

My real happy day though has to be the one when I became the youngest person in the world to have scaled Mount Everest thrice in a single year. Ah, I love that place. Especially, the breath-taking view of snow-capped Nepal.

Even more thrilling was the day I climbed onto an active volcano in the Hawaii National Park with dangerous methane fumes all around and lava literally being spewed at a foot's length.

I have been known to be a staunch environmentalist and an articulate speaker at these forums. But I am rather shy of all the television channels. Thankfully, all the spy organizations in the world prefer to keep their leading advisors out of the spotlight. So, I get to stay away from the journos and the glaring lights without much effort.

Another of my favorite pastimes is to design new satellites for NASA and of course, help the French in setting up their launch sites. I love the idea of the common man being able to see the earth from space, hence the interest in satellites.

My vacations though, are spent in the forests by the Congo river, where I help the World Wildlife Conservation Society to protect the bonobos and the elephants. At times, I also visit the Jim Corbett National Park in India where I happen to be quite friendly with a few tigers.

I love playing with my pet sharks in the evenings. It helps me unwind from the busy concerns that come from running a billion-dollar worldwide television empire.

Frankly though, I wish that I would just be leading a simple life, far from the worries of the modern world...probably just involve myself in developing simple software that simplifies the lifestyles of everyone in the world. Aah...how I wish it to happen...

...but then, if wishes were dollar bills, I'd be a billionaire. I told you so.

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