Evil worshippers, anyone?

Recently, I came across this article on The Dilbert Blog. And though I ain't a big fan of Scott Adams' mostly cynical views, this one really got me thinking.

In his own inimitable style, Mr. Adams pokes fun on cynics who claim that the war in Iraq was staged to benefit American oil companies. He wonders whether oil barons actually sit and discuss things like, 'Hey, let's wage a war and kill a million people so that I can get some money for a new boat'.

Well, that might sound funny for many, but I wonder what the cynics have to say to that. There are a bunch of others who even say that 9/11 was staged. But really, do you think anyone would sit in a room and plan such a thing??

I mean, businessmen might discuss cranky illegitimate tactics to raise money, but killing people sounds a bit far-fetched...unless of course you are a terrorist.

Call me naive, but I don't think that all the cynics would have an answer to this line of argument.

To quote Mr. Adams again -

"...And I wonder why I’ve never met anyone in person who is that evil.
I’ve met plenty of psychos, assholes, narcissists, pigs, sluts, maniacs, drug addicts – you name it. All of the other personality defects you can imagine are abundant. But not once have I been in a conversation with someone who said,'“You know, I’d be willing to kill a million men, women, and children if the money was good.'"

Come to think of it, that is true for almost everyone. How many of you have met someone who is pretty much an evil person and likes to say so?

Again, maybe people don't say such things and there might be many out there who'd bump off a few just to gain a million bucks.

And maybe, oil barons do indulge in such discussions...who knows?

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