Fickle weather

In a classic example of the recent fickle weather in New York, it started raining today the moment I got out of the Path station. So the next ten minutes' walk to my office was all about dodging umbrellas and trying to walk under building overhangs. Getting soaked in the rain is a fun thought; but definitely not in your morning rush to office. Well, suits me right in a way; as the forecast clearly suggested a 40% chance of rain in the afternoon. Recent experiences of dry spells with 60% precipitation chances forecast didn't help though.

Oh well, I somehow managed to reach office without getting completely drenched. And wondered how much it would rain in the afternoon.

As the weather goes, when I came out to get some lunch, the sun was out and there was probably not a speck of cloud in the sky. My fears of getting drenched again were probably misplaced. Little did I know...

Just before leaving for home, I dropped down to the local Starbucks for a shot of coffee. I stepped out with a cappuccino in hand and it started pouring cats and dogs. (And probably pigs and ducks too). Thought that I could easily make the 50 m dash to my office; half-way through realized that my cappuccino was spilling all over my hand; slowed down for a moment and...the rain just shifted up a couple of gears. Reached the building just about 4 seconds later than my colleagues and 40 times more soaked than any of them.

Just watched the rain, sipping my coffee; wound up my work and left for home. Came out of the Path station on this side and...it's bright and sunny again. Heck, where are the clouds gone now?

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